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my weekend

friday - spent the day with mom running around the east bay. hightailed it back to the city with chris for tacos and margaritas with a good group of people.

saturday - bbq in golden gate park. they played texas hold em for quite a while after eating. i don't do poker so i played my ds and drank too much wine.

sunday - watchmen. btwn the long movie, the time change, and the long wait for muni the whole day was gone by the time we got home. enjoyed the movie enough so it was worth it. saw the new trek trailer. the first half started to get me a little excited about the movie. then kirk comes on and ruins it. the stupid story line i can already see btwn spock and uhura just nails the coffin. bleh. i'll still watch it opening day, but i won't be expecting much of anything good. hopefully it'll be better than nemesis.