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tacos and margaritas tomorrow! $1 margaritas from 6 to 6:30. food and full bar all night. menu can be seen at www.underdogssf.com. on irving btwn 19th and 20th aves. 71 and 28 buses and N judah muni line stop within a block. hope to see you there!
took theamazingtalyn to the vet yesterday. we have a new vet who is totally amazing (the old one moved to the east coast). her name is patricia lowe. she knew EVERYTHING, unlike the last guy who i had to edumacate a few times. she was impressed that we had him in a cavy cage, understood (after seeing him try to assert his dominance in the room with us to prove he was in charge) and agreed with our reasons why we haven't tried to pair him up with another boar just yet, and confirmed a few things that the last vet said (that his piggie dandruff is a by product of his bad lice infestation as a baby and that the spur like thing on his front paw should be ignored). the funny thing is. . . she said talyn is a bit fat! since he's on cavy cuisine (which is just compressed pellets - no fillers or sugars) the only thing we can do is figure out an "exercise routine" and do weekly weigh-ins. like dice said "you should call it GuiniiFit". ha! i proceeded to call talyn "fatty mcchan" and "my little tub o love" all night and wolf giggled at me. was also singing the "hey fat boy" song. . .


we take talyn to the vet tonight for his annual "wellness visit" and a badly needed nail trim. i hate taking him to the vet b/c he gets so stressed out about it. and he stays mad at me for two days afterwards. he'll be just fine with wolf, purring up a storm and being all affectionate. but the moment i try to pet him he'll run away and chatter his teeth. :( maybe this time will be different since i'm making wolf come with us.


last night i went to a community meeting presented by the city to discuss why they want to start charging $5 admission for the botanical gardens. background - the strybing arboretum (later renamed the san francisco botanical gardens) was donated to the city in the 40's and built with public funds. it has been free ever since. this year newsom cut the parks and rec's budget by 25% so they don't have the money to maintain the BG. they also have a whole slew of projects - new gardens, directional signage, maps, updating the gardens/paths for people with disabilities, expansion, more restrooms, 24 hr security - that could possibly be done if their admissions equal what they think it will (it is debatable if their numbers are realistic).

the room was jam packed with people. it was great to see the community turn out like that. about 80%-90% of people were opposed to the admission idea. the thing that became obvious quickly is that residents view the botanical gardens as something to be enjoyed/used on a daily (or weekly) basis by the local residents and charging a $5 fee would change it into an annual visit/tourist attraction. there were many good ideas thrown around last night including creative ways to increase volunteers, increase funding/donors, and involve the community. the best suggestion IMO on raising funds was to have a benefit concert for the gardens (parks and rec got $1.5 million from the outside lands concert series in the park - drove me and all the residents nuts but i'd suffer through another one to keep the BG free). at one point the head of the commission went up to one of the meeting coordinators and loudly whispered "is someone writing all of this down?!?" and he replied that they were taking detailed notes and pointed out two note takers. i hope they take the suggestions seriously and rethink their plan. it will take a bit more work on their part, but i think it will be worth it if they can keep the BG free (at least for SF residents) and not alienate the community.
so we're going to skip tacos/margaritas tonight but we will be doing it next week. i'll post a reminder then.

Apr. 2nd, 2009

anyone want to come out for tacos and margaritas tomorrow? the margaritas are now $1 but you actually get a full margarita instead of a tiny cup the size of a large bar shot for 50 cents. wolf and i want to go if other ppls will be there. or we could change it up and go to milanos on 9th for their friday beer special and tasty pizza.
did anyone else get funny things when they used their wii fit yesterday? ours acted like it was broken when wolf did his weigh in and then came back on and said april fools. when i went to do it, it said that the connection was broken and then said april fools.


i'm having a weird computer issue and wolf (gasp!) is having a hard time figuring it out. he posted the info in his journal. help?


tacos and margaritas tomorrow at www.underdogssf.com. 50C margaritas from 6 to 6:30. full bar and tacos/quesedillas/burritos/etc served all night. wolf and i will get there around 5:30-6 and will stay till whenever just so long as people show up. i will have my phone on me (and charged this time), and wolf (finally) has texting on his phone so text if you're running late or whatever.

i really need a taco bar icon.
what's happening this weekend in the club world? i have a friend who (FINALLY) turned 21 today. what about next weekend?

edited to add:
she's a gothy goth who likes a little bit of ebm with her goth crap music. so i may wind up at house of voodoo depending on what sounds good to her.

also i'm in LA april 17-18 for work so i can't take her to retox or danse macabre (sp?). wah.