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in guinea_pigs someone posted you know you're a guinea pig slave when. . .. best post ever. pretty much all of them apply to me, and most to wolf.

edited to add
well darn, looks like it's a locked post (thanks for pointing that out romi!). here are my favorites that others posted-

*picking up poo doesn't faze you anymore
*your piggy has his own section on your grocery shopping list...cilantro, carrots, lettuce...
*You feed your piggies before you feed yourself/your spouse/significant other/kids
*If your piggies wheek and your boyfriend talk to you at the same time, you answer to the piggies first.
* you wander the produce section of the store specifically trying to decide what should be purchased that the piggies will eat/enjoy and that you can enjoy some of too
* you schedule your shopping trips around when the piggies need more lettuce
* when hay on the floor doesn't faze you anymore
* you never stay overnight anywhere because they will be upset if they don't get fed on time
* even if you don't feel well and didn't get to bed until 3am, you still get up at 7am to feed them their breakfast, refresh their water and give new pellets
*You have more pictures of the pig than you do of your spouse/child/other loved ones. overall this isn't true, but i find it funny that the only picture i carry on my person is of talyn
*Brace yourself for loud wheeking whenever you rustle a bag or open the refrigerator door.
*you get excited about firm poos

and the ones i added:
*your piggie goes to the vet for check ups more frequently than you go to the doctor.
*you put off your own haircut to have the money to get your piggie's nails trimmed.
*you eat an orange (or some other fruit) just because you know the piggie will want a bite.
*you pay your friend to house-sit so your piggie can stay happy in his cavy cage during your honeymoon.
*you feel you deserve it when the piggie is sore at you for being gone for a week even though it was your friggin honeymoon!


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Feb. 25th, 2009 06:27 pm (UTC)
Looks like it's protected. Foo!
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